lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

We will miss you Frank

Frank Frazetta, 1928/2010.
Conocedor del secreto del acero, te sientas junto a Crom en el Valhalla.
Gracias por abrir el camino.

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  1. Ostras. Te he visto caracterizado de me llamo Paco. Vaya flipe.


  2. @Anonimo oriol:
    Ya ves, imaginate como me quede yo cuando me di cuenta de que el unico elemento que me faltaba era el bigote...

  3. Excageradamente excelentes tus trabajos!! Te sigo! Descubri tu blog a través del de Oriol. :)

  4. I first saw Franks work in a book store during the 1960's and his Conan renditions. They led the way for some of the most exciting book cover art ever.
    I watched the DVD Fire and Ice and another that spoke of his life and he showed where he lived in Brooklyn New York and his Family.
    I felt closer to knowing him.
    He died , surprisingly close to me in Ft Myers Florida.
    I did not know he was down here but if I did i would have visited him . He was the type of man who was a great artist and friendly to his fans.
    Thanks for this post.Vince